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High power pellet stove 28 kW - PELLET AIRE 25 C

High power pellet stove 28 kW - PELLET AIRE 25 C

High power pellet stove 28 kW - PELLET AIRE 25 C


PELLET AIRE 25 C high-power pelletized duct stove allows the heating of rooms up to 90 to 250m2.

It has 3 air channels to distribute the heat in different rooms of the room where the equipment has been installed.

A very important feature of this model is its pellet deposit of 80 kg capacity that allows an operating autonomy of up to 40h with operation at minimum power.

Its 5 power levels allow you to adjust the heating needs and when the desired temperature has been reached, the equipment goes to a working state at minimum power or if the STAND BY function is activated the equipment stops completely until the temperature of the The environment returns to descend.

The inner body is made of thick steel and all the components are of proven quality to obtain reliable, safe operation and excellent performance.
Technical data
Rated power (Max / Min): 29.3 / 9.83 kW
Actual power (Max / Min): 25.77 / 9.16 kW
Performance: (Max / Min): 88/93%
Heating capacity (Max / Min): 250/90 m2
Pellet consumption (Max / Min): 5.98 / 2.01 kg / h
Autonomy (Min / Max): 13 / 40h
Pellet tank capacity: 80 kg
Fuel: Pellet Ø6mm
Electric voltage: 230V / I / 50Hz
Electric consumption (Min / Max): 256W / 386W
Dimensions (Width / Depth / Height): 952/751 / 1731mm
Weight: 330 kg
Smoke output: Ø100mm
Air duct output: 3 x Ø130mm
Fan air flow: 750 m3 / h
Combustion air intake: Ø50mm

Constructive details
- Sober and elegant design.
- Triple channeling Ø130mm.
- Centrifugal air fan of 750m3 / h.
- Large thickness burner with automatic cleaning.
- Glass vitro ceramic resistant to 750 ° C.
- Clean glass system.
- Large capacity ash drawer.
- Cleaning of the tubular beam with external mechanism.
- Possibility of supply with front grille.
- Multilingual multi function display.
- STAND BY function.
- 5 Heating powers.
- Remote control.
- Schedule (daily and weekly).
- Room temperature probe.
- Possibility of applying external thermostat.

- Top or rear smoke outlet. 

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