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Hot air heaters with gas operation kW- 23-60 - K

Hot air heaters with gas operation kW- 23-60 - K

Hot air heaters with gas operation kW- 23-60 - K

Ref.: K

Hot air heaters with gas operation of 23kW to 60kW - K SERIES

Completely autonomous and easy to install suitable for heating industrial buildings, warehouses, shops equipment, etc.

Main features:
- Equipment totally compact and robust.
- Tubular heat exchanger with an efficiency greater than 90%.
- Exterior finish in baked polyester paint.
- Thermal insulation using air chamber and / or fiberglass.
- Combustion sealed with smoke extraction regardless of the air intake.
- Atmospheric gas burner for natural gas or propane gas.
- Supplied with helical or centrifugal fan.
- Table of remote ON / OFF thermostat built environment.
- Check front air with air distribution grid or to connect ductwork.

Fuel admitted:
- Natural gas.
- Propane Gas.

Powers available:
23-60 kW

1700-5550 m3 / h

Heating capacity:
495-1290 m3

Industrial buildings, warehouses, greenhouses, farms, drying, etc.

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