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Generators of 50kw outdoor hot air - POOL MANN

Generators of 50kw outdoor hot air - POOL MANN

Generators of 50kw outdoor hot air - POOL MANN


Hot air generators for outdoor series POOL MANN

Completely autonomous and easy to install suitable for heating with hot air of indoor pools, event tents, warehouses, greenhouses, equipment, etc.

Main features:
- Equipment totally compact and robust.
- Tubular heat exchanger with an efficiency greater than 90%.
- Exterior finish in baked polyester paint.
- Thermal insulation using air chamber and / or fiberglass.
- Group 3 speed centrifugal fan (1,200 / 1,700 / 4,000 m3/h).
- Soundproof burner with air intake vents for combustion cabin.
- Control panel with time switch and thermostat.
- Air intake filter to prevent dust from entering the premises to be heated.
- Air duct with double deflection grid or to apply ductwork.
- Fireplace isolated stainless steel AISI-304 with a height of 3.3m

Fuel admitted:
- Oil.
- Natural gas.
- Propane Gas.

Powers available:
50 kW

Of 1200-4000 m3/h

Heating capacity:
1,075 m3

Indoor swimming pool, event tents, warehouses, greenhouses, etc.

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