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Compact boiler with automatic cleaning 15 to 24 kW - KCB

Compact boiler with automatic cleaning 15 to 24 kW - KCB

Compact boiler with automatic cleaning 15 to 24 kW - KCB

Ref.: KCB

The KCB pellet boilers are equipment for the heating and / or production of hot water in premises of any kind from 49m2 to 289 m2.
Its compact design and small dimensions allow its installation in small spaces.

The equipment offers an excellent performance of 92% and has automatic cleaning of the burner in addition to incorporating a large capacity pellet tank allowing a great autonomy of operation.

Its electronic control panel is very educational and allows you to parameterize the functions of the boiler and configure its operation according to the proposed installation.

The equipment incorporates a pellet deposit of 95kg and 190kg depending on the model and allows an additional deposit to be applied, doubling its capacity.
When the design project for the KCB boilers was started, objectives were established that consisted in offering a compact pellet boiler of very high efficiency and a comfort of use that satisfied the needs of the end user.

All these objectives have been achieved with total solvency and we can guarantee that the KCB boilers are equipment of an exceptional quality, performance, functional and with a very competitive price.
- Heating powers from 14 to 28 kW.
- Minimum electrical consumption.
- Heating capacities from 49m2 to 289m2 with only one equipment.
- Compact and small dimensions.
- Yield of 92% and certified CLASS 5 according to EN-303-5
- Built-in hydraulic unit consisting of: expansion vessel, high efficiency pump, air purge, safety valve, pressure sensor, etc.
- Safety components according to the most demanding regulations in force.
- Vertical heat exchanger with smoke retention springs for maximum performance.
- Rapid ignition thanks to its long lasting resistance made of ceramic.
- Large capacity fuel tank with the possibility of applying an attached tank.
- Automatic cleaning of the burner very quiet.
- Automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger fully configurable (optional).
- Triple ash drawer.
- External paneling thermally insulated to avoid heat loss.
- Electronic parametrizable plate with connection for room thermostat, 3-way valve, pumps, etc.
- Configuration of operation according to the type of installation to be made.
- Time programming (daily, weekly or weekend).
- Counter of hours of operation, number of ignitions, etc.

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